Pokemon Go Promo Code-Active Code for 2022

Pokemon Go Promo Code-Active Code for 2022

Pokemon, A franchise to be remembered for their innovation and the storyline that they have provided to the children from the 90’s is remarkable. It has been one of the greatest inventions from Japan as a cartoon series and one of the best selling games all over the globe for different platforms.

As the cartoon series is still having the merry way from the 90’s to our generation, the game regarding pokemon has also evolved through different platforms. Starting from GamBoy Colour and GameBoy Advanced, it has reached upto the latest Nintendo Switch with their innovative game play and interesting facts.

In the year of 2014, Niantic thought a bit different and came out with their new product, Pokemon Go codes. It is a smart device oriented game that can be played using any of the devices running on Android version over 5.0 Lollipop and on iOS device version over 9.0. It is an open world AR based game that has been linked with the Google Map using which players can explore different places in the virtual world of the game and can have the experience of catching different pokemons like the Manga using the pokeballs.

In this game of Pokemon, the pokemons can be caught and can be evolved using the same pokemon candies for a specific quantity which can be collected by catching the same pokemon promo codes over and over. In the Pokemon generation, there are around seven generations out of which only the first five of the generations have been released.

Catching the pokemon is not the only way of collecting them. In the game like the cartoon series, there are some of the legendary pokemons that can only be caught by having a fight with them in the gym raid. Now, let us come to the point why do players look for the promo codes in order to obtain the different items which are already available in the game. So, let us go and have a look at the brief gameplay of this game.

Pokemon Go: The GamPlay And The Resources

The game basically revolves around a primary object of collecting all the pokemons available in the game and having battles using the same pokemons that the players are catching. Now, in order to do all these activities, there are some of the prerequisites that the players need to have in their trainer accounts. The first thing that the players need is the pokeballs which are required to catch the pokemons.


If the player is out of pokeballs then they won’t be able to catch the pokemons. The next thing is the berries which helps the player to catch the pokemons in a much easier way. Some berries help to calm down the pokemon and some berries help to make the candy count increase for the catch from three to six. Star pieces help the players to get 50% more stardust while catching the pokemons and to boost the XP, lucky eggs can be used. If any pokemon faints then revive can be used in order to recharge them and different potions are available out there to max out the health of the Pokemon.

Now, using the candies is not the only way to evolve a pokemon, there are some of the special things using which a pokemon can also be evolved such as the dragon scale, metal coat, king’s stone, sinnoh stone, unova stone and many more. Even some of the different lures can also be used in order to evolve a pokemon.  Apart from that, the player must also have enough storage system to collect all these from spinning a pokestop. Last but not the least the player must also have enough storage system for  the pokemon or else pokemons cannot be caught. 

Collect Pokemon Go Promo Code list now 

Pokemon Go: Why Promo Codes?

Like any other games, Pokemon Go codes also has a huge player community where there is huge amount of competition among the players. The first thing becomes to collect all the pokemons and the second thing is to reach level 40. Due to this even the inactive players try their heart out to capture all of them and collect all the items. Now, to move through the game, the player has to go outside and play the game on a daily basis which is not possible for each of the players as there are players of different ages and in different professions.

Now, in order to collect the items, they have to go to different pokestops and spin them or else have to battle in a raid. Without any of the above items, it would be pretty hard for the players to compete with others or even complete any task. That is why we are trying to provide some of the promo codes by using which the players can use some of the items when they are required badly. So, let us go and have a look at some of the promo codes that can be used in order to redeem some of the items.

Pokemon Go: Effective Promo Codes To Start With

Here are trying to provide some of the recent promo codes that can be used while needed.




Poke Balls/8, Golden Razz Berries/4, Silver Pinap Berries/4


Poke Balls//50


Poke Balls//10


Poke Balls/10


Poke Balls/10


Poke Balls/10


Egg Incubators/3, Lucky Egg/1


Egg Incubators/3, Lucky Egg/1


Egg Incubator/1


Poke Coins


Ultra Balls//5, Lucky Egg/1, Stickers/5


Star Piece/1, Stickers/5, Razz Berries/5


Sinnoh Stone/1, Ultra Balls/10, Max Potions/10


Poke Balls/10, Razz Berries//5

So, these are some of the active promo codes that the users can use in order to redeem some of the items given in the list. In the game if the user goes to the shopping option then for the Android users all the way down the page there is a place to give the promo codes. There, they can give the promo codes and redeem the items available.

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I am gamer. Gamer is part of my life without it I am nothing. Just here to share latest game codes and hack with you to enjoy.

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