Super Mario Odyssey: Tips To Boost Your Game

Super Mario Odyssey: Tips To Boost Your Game

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario Brothers! Ring any bells? Yes, this is one of those legendary arcade games that was famous for its gameplay and the characters within the game. Whenever we talk about the game itself, it brings back lots of memories of our childhood. Characters such as the Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Toad, Yoshi – people who have played the game will never forget these names.

Being a famous franchise to this game, Nintendo has provided a lot of fun and features as the game has progressed through the years and counting. One of the versions of this mario series is the Super Mario Odyssey, which got the same fame and publicity within the players’ forum. The game has not only taken the fame over the gameplay but it has also won some of the best awards in the game industry.

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The game was launched in late 2017 from Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development. After that it has won awards such as the BAFTA Games Award for Best Family and Social Game and many more. The game was actually made for the Nintendo Switch only but with the help of some of the downloadable emulators on Windows and the downloadable game ROM, it can be played on desktop and laptops as well.

As the game has been quite famous, most of the gamers in the games community have been seen with a huge amount of rivalry and competition among them. Like any other games in the market, this game also has some of the primary aspects that needs to be fulfilled or to precise, needs to be collected to go up in the levels. So, every gamer plays the game with one goal of collecting all these required in-game resources that can help the player to increase their levels. 

This competition creates a sole requirement for the users to collect all the resources more than any other player playing the game. So, today we will take a better look at some of the tips and tricks related to super mario odyssey purple coins Sand kingdom that can help the players to level up as they want. But before we take a look at these easy hacks and tricks, it would be better for the viewers to know about the gameplay. So, let us go and have a look at how the gameplay proceeds.

Super Mario Odyssey: Game-Play And Goals

Super Mario Odyssey is a platform oriented action game. Platform oriented means that the game can only be played for some distinct types of platforms for example the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo is a hand-held emulator device that enables a player to play the game in there. The device includes different controls and triggers that are quite helping and comfortable enough for the players to play in there.

Apart from the Super Mario Odyssey, there are also many games that can be played on this platform. Now, the game mainly revolves around a storyline where Bowser, the villain has abducted princess Peach and Mario has to save her from getting married with Bowser. In order to find princess peach, Mario has to travel to different kingdoms including the sand kingdom.

Now, like any other Mario game, here are also some of the objectives that the player needs to fulfill in order to increase the power of the Mario and his ship Odyssey. The primary source has been the coins that Mario needs to pick. Apart from that, there are also some special purple coins that help Mario in order to purchase new sets of dress and the hats for Mario.

So, that is how the game-play actually proceeds through. So, these were some of the primary objects to fulfill while proceeds through the game.

Super Mario Odyssey: Why The Hacks?

In the game of the Mario Series, collecting the coins and progressing through the different levels are not that easy as it seems to some people. The player has to provide a significant amount of time behind the game to find and collect the resources such as the sand kingdom purple coins in order to increase the power and the level of the Mario, the main character.

That’s spending upon such difficulty and the rivalry among the players may sometimes lead them to earn these resources as fast as they can which is a big reason behind using any kind of hacks and tricks. 

Super Mario Odyssey: Hacks To Crack 

As we are talking about collecting the purple coins, all purple coins sand kingdom can be found using some of the exact guides provided by the In the sand kingdom there are a total of 100 purple coins that the users can collect. So, let’s take a look at the specific places where some of the initial coins can be found.

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Coins 1-2

The first two coins can be collected from the hill as Mario gets into the Tostarena Town.

Coins 3-5

The next three coins can be found in front of the crazy cap store. 

Coins 6-11

The next six coins will be at the top of the cray cap store. In order to reach them the player needs to hop on the umbrella and have to reach them.

Coins 12-14

The next three coins will be at the balcony which is across the cray cap store.

Coins 15-17

To get the next three mario odyssey sand kingdom purple coins, the player has to go to the east side of the Tostarena town beside a building.

Coins 18-20

The next three coins will be at the top of the pink and the blue building. To get there, the player has to use the wires.

Coins 21-23

The next three coins can be found at the ruins. To get them the player has to destroy the cactus on its way.

Coins 24-27

To get to the next three coins the player has to jump into a sand whirlpool from where they will be able to reach the ice cavern where they will be able to find them.

So, these were some of the initial head-ups that the users can use and remaining from the for super mario odyssey purple coins sand kingdom. Hope this helps.

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