Coin Master Game To Earn Money Online -Full Review

Coin Master Game To Earn Money Online -Full Review

Coin Master is a slot machine game in the disguise of an action-oriented Viking game. It was developed in 2010 but went viral on social media with the launch of its trailer. iOS or Android users can download this game from the App Store and use it as a time pass. However, you can play this game on any other major platform. This application is also available for Facebook users who can invite their friends to participate with them.

It matches a brainless zone out time and thus, easy to learn for users. You can either play as a guest or connect through Facebook and invite your friends. You won’t get random Viking names while playing this game. Thus, you need to enter your own name and choose a cheery horned helmeted avatar to begin. Perhaps, you might be extremely interested in this game but have no clear concepts about this game. If you continue reading this post, then you will get answers to all your queries here.

How to Play Coin Master?

We have tried to impart the idea of playing this game in short. Coin Master aims at stimulating your thought process while playing the game. In Coin Master, you will own a village that you can decorate as per your preference. At the same time, you can ensure a defense to protect your village and attack other players. However, you will lose the reward if you frequently attack too many players. 

Coin Master contains a slot machine where you can spin and earn coins. Then use these coins to build your own village and raid existing villages as well. The objective behind playing is to earn coins or steal them from your neighbors. If you don’t have sufficient coins, then you can’t improve or repair your village when attacked by others. 

Steps To Get Free Spins 

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You won’t always get coins by spinning the slot machine. However, you will get one star for building each item. If you obtain 20 stars, then you can reach the next village level. It means that you have the opportunity to build another village. When you unlock a new village, free spins and coins are credited to your game account. 

But, you will gradually gain control by playing the game repeatedly. Apart from coins, shields and weapons will help you to forbid attackers and raid their villages. The very essence of this game is to compete with your friends and maintain competitiveness in the play.

Important Things Involved in Coin Master:

Below are some of the important terms that you must know before you get ready to play this game. 

Seeing Stars

Seeing stars are nothing but the points that you can earn by building or upgrading your virtual village. On the other hand, coins are necessary for building villages. Now, you need to run the spin machine for collecting these coins.  

Once you start playing Coin Master, the app will keep on adding 5 spins in every hour. You can’t guarantee to get coins in each and every spin. You might get a masked pig instead and attack another coin master. Here coin master is one of your Facebook friends or a random player who has the maximum number of coins. 

There will be four different auto-highlighted attack points to speed up your raiding. Carefully identify the three points that contain coins. Furthermore, you will get three chances to dig the soil for gold. After completing this task, return to the spin machine. If the game directs your attention to the catapult, then tap and destroy it. Thus, you will earn coins and move ahead with the game. 


Users commonly get a hammer while rotating the spinning wheel. If a hammer appears, then you can choose to attack one of the five villages of other users. You can further loot some coins from them. 


If you earn a shield by spinning the wheel, then use that to protect your village from external attacks. You can also protect the resources of your village from others. One shield will offer you protection for once only. For instance, another user has attacked your village and you have consumed one shield. 

Now, the same shield won’t be available to protect your village from more threats. So, more and more shields are necessary to save the coins that you have earned. 

Pig Face

You are lucky enough if you get a pig face while playing the game. Pig Face resembles the power to attack villages of other people and dig for extra coins. Pig Face also allows you to choose different spots of attacks.

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Pros and Cons of Being a Part of Coin Master:

This game has multiple advantages along with some drawbacks as well. If you are not well aware of them, then follow the points given below:


  1. The game is based on a simple concept including the spin and play. 
  2. The plot is simple 
  3. The characteristics of the game seem to be interesting for all users of all ages. 
  4. Beautiful graphics and music complement this game and stimulate the interest of users. 
  5. You can easily get 50 spins by connecting this game to your Facebook account. 
  6. Each and every spin motivates users to earn more spins and continue the game. 
  7. Finally, the game builds up a healthy competition among the players.


  1. Game coins are expensive and difficult to collect. 
  2. Players will take a lot of time to build and upgrade their village. So, if you are a fast player, then this game is unsuitable for you. 
  3. This game might cause addiction and persuade you to buy coins with real cash as well. 
  4. According to some users, this game automatically closes when they try to attack their opponents. 
  5. Even Coin Master has complaints that game coins are missing after purchase. However, Coin Master has customer support for receiving complaints from users. So, you can take help if you ever come across any problems while playing the game.
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I am gamer. Gamer is part of my life without it I am nothing. Just here to share latest game codes and hack with you to enjoy.

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I am gamer. Gamer is part of my life without it I am nothing. Just here to share latest game codes and hack with you to enjoy.

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