NFL 2020 Update , Why #DALLASCOWBOYS is Trending

NFL 2020 Update , Why #DALLASCOWBOYS is Trending

The NFL season 2019 is the 100th season of national football league. The  season began on 5TH September  this year. Dallas Cowboys is American football team plays as a member club in national football conference(NFC). They join as an NFL team in 1960. Dallas made super bowl 8 times.

Cowboys are the only NFL team who recorded 20(1966-85) straight winning in which they missed out twice in year 74 and 84 .Dallas cowboys ranks one of the best teams of NFL. On Sunday night Dallas cowboys lose match to New Orleans  in new orleans. 

They  4th in scoring defense whereas, saints stands 26th in the league in scoring defense. The cowboys 5th in power ranking on 5th week. The cowboys lost game by (12-10) to saints and it is saints 1st touched downless winning in 21 years. Cowboys managed only 257 yards of total defense and reach to the end line only once. Cowboys had their first half turnovers and lost to Elliot . Marshan  Lattimore held cooper who followed him and score 8. During quarter Prescott wrongly fell on Tyron smith and got injured in leg and left the match in last 2 minutes of match. He is the longest tenure offensive player and has made six straights pro bowls. Fleming re-signed the cowboys in place of smith for 2 years.

 After match Prescott said,” that’s a good defense we were playing. Give them a lot of credit, we didn’t execute the ways we have to execute.

New Orleans won two consecutive matches  without Drew Brees ( Seahawk and cowboys) who went down with the thumb injury. This winning was unpredictable and saints got what seems to be impossible.

It is the highest rated match in three years.  The cowboys remains the NFL’s biggest drawer, they drew at least 20 million views for 26th times in 29 matches. The Dallas cowboys is scheduled for two more Sunday nights also a Monday night football and Thursday night football.



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