We all know about Domino's Pizza, right? We all have been there at some point or had their pizza atleast once

It might surprise you that Domino's is shutting down its stores and operation in the Mecca of pizza

Yes you read that right, Domino's is closing down its operation in Italy after 7 years of the launch

According to reports, many franchise owners has filed for bankruptcy due to the coronavirus pandemic 

Even though Domino's never received any out of the box response in Italy as people there do not prefer Domino's

When the operations started back in 2015 their main focus was to drive the customers from the traditional taste of pizza

They did so by providing home delivery service and a whole new flavors to quench the taste of variety

Now when the operations are closing down in Italy, it is necessary to mention that United Kingdom is their best revenue source

Despite Domino's being the largest pizza chain, many users on social media welcomed and celebrated Domino's leaving Italy