Oceans and Empires Beginners Guide 2022

Oceans and Empires Beginners Guide

Oceans and Empires is a multiplayer mobile strategy game that takes place on the open waters. The game has many features, some that can be tough to understand right away. This Oceans and Empires guide will serve to highlight some of the main features of the game, as well as teach you how things work.

Future Oceans and Empires guides will go into more detail on things like the trading system, monster hunting, empire troops, pvp, and more. Let’s get started.

Oceans and Empires Beginners Guide

Oceans and Empires Guide – Getting Started

In the beginning of the game you will go through a tutorial. This is where you will meet Marigold. She will guide you along the path to growing your dominion (castle) and building your army. The great thing about Oceans and Empires is that you get plenty of rewards to help you along your way.

Starting out, patience is the key. Do your best not to use up all of your gold and speed up items to boost small building timers. Instead you can use your wait time to practice trading goods, killing monsters, or even try your hands at PVP (beyond the level limit of 9).

When just starting in Oceans and Empires you will want to spend your time learning where things are at. This includes your buildings, inventory items (there are a ton), menu options, skills, etc. The next section of this Oceans and Empires guide will explain each of these in more detail.

Oceans and Empires – Learn your way around

As with most good mobile strategy games, there are several items to keep track of. There are also many interface locations you will need to get familiar with. This section of the Oceans and Empire guide will walk you through everything you need to know. The interface has a receding UI. To get your menu items to appear you simply tap your screen on an empty area. Scrolling the screen will make the UI disappear. I like this feature, however, if you wish to shut it off you can inside the game menu. I explain how to reach the menu later in this Oceans and Empires guide.


Building Locations

All buildings in Oceans and Empires have a specific place. This means you do not get to choose where you put each building. The only exception to this rule is your resource nodes (silver, iron, wood, and food mines).

An Oceans and Empires guide explaining buildings will be released in the near future. Subscribe to the newsletter to be informed of any new Oceans and Empire guide that gets released. For the purpose of this guide I just want to let you know that each building has a specific place. Learn where it is located and remember it. Also, do not neglect your Light House. It is out of sight most of the time and easy to forget. This is an important building for scouting enemies.

Oceans and Empires Beginners Guide

Inventory Items

Below you will find an image of many of the inventory items you will come across. Each item will have a quick description of what it is and what it does. This may seem overwhelming at first, however within a week of playing the game you will easily memorize these things.

Peace Shields

Peace Shields ONE

The peace shield is what you will active to keep your dominion (castle) protected from any incoming attacks. You can see here there are several different ones available to you. Peace shields with 1 hour, 8 hour, 24 hour, and 3 day protection times.

Compared to many other RTS games out there, peace shields are easy to come by in Oceans and Empires. If you do not have any peace shields in your inventory, you can also purchase them using gold (the currency you use to buy special items).

Ship and Troop Buffs

There are several different buffs in Oceans and Empires. The images above do not depict all of them. Also, note that you can get buffs that last for either 12 hours or 24 hours. These buffs will boost your troops and ships attack and defense. If you plan on going on some resource runs against Empire troops or doing some PVP then use your buffs.

Hunting Streak – Capture Devices
Setting Hunting Streaks

The hunting streak is a very nice feature in Oceans and Empires. A guide will be available explaining how to get the maximum benefits from hunting streaks.

Using these capture devices you can increase the amount of hunting streak attacks you have available. If you do not use all of the attacks in your hunting streak it will not forfeit your overall total. Another thing to note with hunting streaks is that you can have multiple fleets (marches) out at the same time sharing the streak counter. Take advantage of the hunting streak and capture devices during the monster killing event.

The Magnifier of Truth

What is the magnifier of truth

I have not used these very often but I will explain what the Magnifier of Truth does in Oceans and Empires. There is a temporary (30 minute) free teleport that everyone is allowed to do every 24 hours. This temporary teleport is called an assault. What this item does is cancels a players assault if you attack their original location.

To use a magnifier of truth in Oceans and Empires you will need the coordinates of the assaulting castles original location. Then if you send an attack out to the “shadow castle” they leave behind, it will cancel their assault and they will teleport back to their original spot on the map.

It can be tricky to use this item. You do not activate it through your inventory; it is what you can consider a passive item that is consumed upon attacking. If your alliance is under attack by bigger players this is something to keep in mind and use to your benefit.

Free Dice Games

Dice Game

Oceans and Empires has a dice game located in the Pub building. These items in your inventory give you free rolls on the dice game. Free rolls can be applied directly from the pub by tapping the little green plus sign at the bottom of the screen of the dice game interface.

Trade City Scrolls

City Scrolls and Oceans and Empire Guide to Trading

Trade city scrolls allow you to update the trade market price lists. These are useful if you plan on doing some trading to make some extra silver. Prices will update automatically for each city that you visit. You would want to use one of these items prior to setting up your first trade.

To use a trade city scroll in Oceans and Empires you simply go to the trade building in your city. You will see a little image of the above icon on the bottom of your screen. Tap the icon to update your trade city prices.

War Medals


The war medals are something you will use later in the game to research in the war section of your college building. Until you unlock the proper level to use these just plan on saving them up. Early in the game you will not see very many of these come your way unless you buy packs. You can win them by participating in the weekly events.

Scout Disruption

Scout Disruption

If you plan on doing any attacking that will leave you without a shield, I suggest applying a scout disruption. A scout disruption prevents other players and Empire troops from successfully scouting your castle. There is no way to tell if someone has a scout disruption applied, so even if you have one on, other players may attempt to scout you.

You can also use them to set up bait and traps for PvP purposes which will be discussed in a different guide.

Seal of Challenge


I forgot I even had this in my inventory until I took some screenshots. The seal of challenge is used to give you an extra attempt at attacking the challenge bosses. The challenge bosses are unlocked at castle level 15. You are allowed to do three attacks every day. Using this ticket gives you an additional chance. If you find you are short on gold, beating a new boss gives you a minimum of 2,000 gold. So these can come in handy if you need to refill your coffers.

Abyss Crystals

Understanding Abyss Crystals

First piece of advice with Abyss crystals in Oceans and Empires… Save them! Abyss crystals are consumed when you attempt to upgrade your gear. If you have done any crafting, you have noticed the Equip, Grind, and Upgrade options after crafting. Upgrading low level gear should not be a priority, it honestly won’t make much of a difference.

Crafting deserves a guide all to itself, which will be available soon. For now, if you are just getting started in Oceans and Empires, hold on to these crystals. Wait to use abyss crystals until you can craft gear that has four to five different effects on it. The more crystals you have saved up for the bigger gear, the better off you will be.

Return Tickets

What are Return tickets for in Oceans and Empires?

Oceans and Empires, like many mobile RTS games allows you to attack other players. You send out fleets, which can be considered troop marches for those more familiar with that setup. If you are attacking what you think is an empty castle for resources and you see they get reinforeced…you will use a return ticket to recall your ships before they attack.

If you do not have any return tickets available and you need to recall your ships while they are sailing to a target, you can spend gold to do so. Return tickets will only be consumed if you choose to return a sailing fleet. Tickets will not be used to return ships that are collecting on resource mines.

Rich Resource Tickets

If you have scrolled around the map in Oceans and Empires you may have noticed some resource mines that have a little yellow 100% or 50% on them. These are called Rich Resource Mines and they contain more resources that a normal mine. To collect from one of these mines you will need a Rich Resource Ticket. These tickets will be automatically consumed upon attacking a rich resource mine.

Royal Migration Tickets

Royal Migration Tickets

If you want to move your castle to a dedicated position on the map then you will need one of these. Royal Migration Tickets allow you to choose almost any spot on the map and move your castle there. If you find that you do not have any of these tickets you can still teleport permanently for 2,000 gold.

Random Port – Migration Ticket

Random Port

The purple migration tickets are what you would call a random teleport. Using one of these will move your castle to a random location on the world map. These are good to use during PvP kill events when you need to find new targets.

Also, if you find yourself about to be attacked you can use one of these tickets and port out before you are hit. Random ports are easier to come by than the Royal Migration Tickets. To use a random port you will need to activate it from inside your inventory.

Production Boosters

Resource Production Boosts in Oceans and Empires guide

There are several different production boosters you can use in Oceans and Empires. The top item in the image above is a food consumption reducer. In Oceans and Empires troops consume food. If you run out of food your troops do not die, they are just hungry and therefore they have lower attack power and will not be as strong as usual.

The image of the pick axe and scythe are collection speed boosters. Apply one of these buffs and then you will gather resources faster. There is a resource collection event each week, using these will have you have a better chance at ranking.

The bottom images are food and wood production boosters (there are also boosters for Iron and Silver). Using these allow you to boost your internal resource production from your buildings within your dominion. These production boosters do not stack, so you cannot use two 8 hour wood boosts for a total of 16 hours. If you try to do that you will get a warning message, but if you do apply two of them, the first one will have been wasted. You CAN however apply one of each type of production booster at the same time (1 wood, 1 food, 1 iron, 1 silver).

Trading and Monster Voyage Speed Boosters

Voyage Speed Tickets

The images above depict both the trading and monster voyage speed boosters in Oceans and Empires. The top image is for the trading voyage speed boost, notice the scales on the bottom left of the icon. The other three icons depict monster voyage speed boosters (notice the creepy monster eye on bottom left of the icon).

These items do not stack (can’t use multiple monster speed boosts). There are also different quality boosts ranging from 50% to 100% speed boosts. There is also different durations. It is best to save these for use during the monster killing and trading events.

Stamina Boosters

Stamina Tickets

Stamina is a common stat in any game you play. In Oceans and Empires stamina is the deciding factor in how many trips you can make to kill monsters and trade goods. Stamina is not consumed for attacking players or Empire troops.

Each time you set sail it will consume stamina. Stamina will regenerate on its own slowly over time, but if you want to rank in events, then having some of these in your inventory will really help you. To use them, just select the one you want from your inventory. You can use as many as you need to get your stamina back to full.

Conquest Tickets

Guide to Conquest Tickets in Oceans and Empires Game

Empire troops tend to be one of the more confusing things for players starting out in Oceans and Empires. Conquest tickets are consumed automatically each time you attack an Empire troop castle. There are three different qualities, green, blue, and purple. Green is considered lower quality and Purple is high quality.

The quality of these tickets dictates which level empire troops you can attack. There will be more details on attacking Empire troops toward the bottom of this guide.

Menu Options

Getting to the main menu can seem like a sort of mystery. To reach the main menu you click on your Lords avatar on the top left of your screen. From there you will see a set of gears on the top right of the screen. Tapping this gear icon will take you to the main menu where you will see a list of options such as graphics, binding your account, switching lords, etc. See the images below to learn how to navigate to the main menu in Oceans and Empires.

Oceans and Empires guide how to get to settings and main menu

How to open settings in Oceans and Empires

Settings Menu in Oceans & Empires

Go into your main menu and get familiar with the layout and where things are at. It will help you in the future should you need quick access to something such as creating a farm account (which we will discuss in a future guide).

World Map and Server List


If you want to quickly see what is located in an area of the map, you can open your world map and tap on an area you wish to see. To get to the world map, you simply need to go to the open ocean, then tap on the little compass (depending on your current visual location, the placement of the compass will change).

If you are in ocean view and scroll several tiles to the northwest then you will find the compass on the bottom left of your screen. If you scroll southeast, the compass will be on the top right. The compass is easy to spot, it will always be on the outter edge of your screen. Tap the compass and you will see the world map.

Oceans and Empires – World Map Explained

The world map can give you quite a bit of information. There is a trading system in place in Oceans and Empires. The trade cities inventory and stock always changes, it is a live market. The world map gives you locations of all the trade cities, as well as some insight into who owns them. An Oceans and Empires guide will be put together along with a video guide explaining the trading system.

You can also view your alliance members locations and much more. See the screenshots below to see what you can view on the world map.

Oceans and Empires Server List

If you want to know what server you are on in Oceans and Empires, this is where you would go. You can tell by going to the world map, and then tapping the map icon at the bottom left. This will bring to the screen you see in the image below. From here you can see the different servers. If you are below Dominion level 6 you can choose to teleport to another server for free.

See the images below to learn how to navigate to the world map and servers list in Oceans and Empires.

How to get to World Map in OnE

Image of the Sea Map in Oceans and Empires Guide

Server List

Oceans and Empires Guide to Gameplay

Beyond getting to know the interface and icons in the game, you will also want to get familiar with the actual gameplay. This is where the fun part is. Oceans and Empires does a good job of catering to both PVE and PVP playstyles. An Oceans and Empires guide to PVP and attack strategies will be coming very soon. Be sure to check back, like us on Facebook and know right away when any new guides are ready.

If you enjoy PVE (fighting computer monsters and castles) then this next section is for you.

Understanding Empire Troops in Oceans and Empires

This is going to be the crash course into Empire troops. First of all, Empire troops are the NPC (Non Player Characters) in the game. You are free to attack Empire troops as long as you have conquest tickets. You earn conquest tickets through killing monsters.

Something to keep in mind when attacking Empire troops is that they will attack you back. To better emulate the feel of fighting real players Empire troops will either solo attack you or set a rally on you. This means you need to be ready to defend, teleport, or bubble (use peace shield).

If you screen starts flashing red, you can see who is attacking or scouting you by tapping the notification button. See the image below. This will let you know how serious the threat is. For instance if a level 3 Empire dominion is attacking you and you are Dominion 16, you wouldn’t need to worry, just defend.

Conquest Tickets Explained

To attack the Empire troops in Oceans and Empires you will need to have conquest tickets. Conquest tickets come in three tiers. See the images below to get a better understanding of what these conquest tickets are, and what to do with them.

How Conquest Tickets work in Oceans and Empires guide

Rank 1 Conquest Tickets allow you to attack Empire troops that are dominion level 21 to 32.

Rank 2 Conquest Tickets allow you to attack Empire troops that are dominion level 11 to 20.

Rank 3 Conquest Tickets allow you to attack Empire troops that are dominion level 1 to 10.

There are some other roman numerals and identifiers associated with empire troops. As far as anyone knows these roman numerals are nothing special. They seem to be just that, identifiers. The important thing to take note of when attacking Empire troops is the amount of conquest tickets you have, and the dominion level you wish to attack. See the image below to see where to find the Empire troop dominion level.

Attacking Empire Troops in OnE

Wrapping Up and Final Tips


Now you have a better understanding of the user interface, inventory items, and empire troops thanks to this Oceans and Empires guide. When you find yourself in need of resources attack Empire troops for quick and easy gains. I have found that a level 14 Empire dominion will carry around 700k wood and food each, as well as a decent amount of iron and some silver. If you have enough conquest tickets, you can walk away (rather sail away) with a million wood and million food easily.

Do not forget to keep your castle protected at all times. There are always people looking for quick and easy kills. It is easy to keep your castle protected for 8 hours or 24 hours in Oceans and Empires. It is far less expensive to shield in this game than it is in many of the others I have played.

Take the time to get to know your interface and buildings. This will make your time on the game more enjoyable because you won’t be busy looking for something or wondering what something is.

Be sure to come back and check out our other Oceans and Empire Guides, where we will discuss in depth trading, resource farming, attack strategies, and more. Each Oceans and Empires guide will have its own page (so you don’t have to sort through what you want). Also, if you haven’t read it yet, check out our Oceans and Empires review where you can pick up a few other quick tips and tricks.

Good luck and Happy Gaming my friends!

I am gamer. Gamer is part of my life without it I am nothing. Just here to share latest game codes and hack with you to enjoy.

Cherock Dustin

I am gamer. Gamer is part of my life without it I am nothing. Just here to share latest game codes and hack with you to enjoy.

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