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Mutant Duck Invasion Arcade Style Game Review

Mutant Duck Invasion Mobile Game Review and IntroWith a name like Mutant Duck Invasion I could not turn down the opportunity to try this arcade style mobile game on Android (also on Iphone). I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started up the game, but to my pleasure I was greeted with some oddly addicting music…and that’s just the beginning!

Platform Mobile Game – Apple and Android
Developer Primordial Echo 
Genre Arcade
In App Purchases .99 to 49.99


Introduction to the Game

The goal of the game is to stop mutant ducks from destroying your city. To accomplish this incredible task you enlist the power of a massive cannon located on the bottom of your screen. It is your job to destroy these mutant feathery menaces by tapping your screen and shooting them down.

Mutant Duck Invasion

As you progress through the game you collect feathers. Feathers are used to purchase upgrades to better defend against the foul mutants or…mutant foul. Each level gets increasingly more difficult when new mutant ducks join in on the attacks. Each mutant duck has its own special abilities that add to the challenge.

Official Mobile Game Description from Google Play Store

“Use the awesome power of fireworks cannons to stop the invasion of MUTANT DUCKS!
These aren’t your average angry birds, but furious, mutated ducks, hellbent on invading and destroying your city! Save your city by shooting a range of offensive fireworks including: EXPLOSIVE, SNOWBALL, FIREBALLS, LASER and the dreaded BUBBLE GUM FIREWORKS! Plus 1 amazing, unlockable firework type which is sure to have you PURRING with delight!

Use swift attacks to overcome the mutant ducks’ special powers of: acid, electricity, toxic smog, fire eggs and other lethal projectiles. Utilize strategy to create amazing CHAIN REACTIONS OF DESTRUCTION as the ducks start destroying eachother, earning YOU high amounts of collectible FEATHERS!

Use forcefields, golden ducks and the stunning, yet beautiful Aphroducky to make your city stronger and send the invasion packing! And don’t forget to upgrade your weapons as soon as you can for when you face off against fearsome BOSS DUCKS!

Regular updates planned in the near future with NEW WEAPONS, NEW ENEMIES and NEW ITEMS and MULTIPLAYER!!”

Mutant Duck Invasion


Overall, the gameplay is smooth. There is no lag and the game does not drain your battery. Starting off Mutant Duck Invasion takes a small amount of getting used to. The cannon does not fire as fast as I hoped it would. After a little investigation into the upgrades I noticed you can unlock cannon fire cooldown reduction using feathers. The upgrade is inexpensive and makes a difference.

I played to level three before doing any type of upgrades. It was then I realized if I am going to stop this invasion that I must use the tools available! I gathered up my feathers from the fallen ducks (they are actually gathered for you as you go, no worries).

In the game shop you have a large amount of upgrades at your disposal. If you find you are not collecting feathers as fast as you would like you can also purchase them for a modest price (it’s not expensive).

Gameplay Experience

I am happy with the gameplay. This game will stay installed on my Android device for a while. When I find myself with nothing to do, I hop on and kill some mutant ducks. The game is easy to pick up and put down as needed. Progress is saved, so you don’t lose feathers you have collected.

The hardest part of this mobile game is getting used to timing your shots. It can actually be quite tough at first. This is a mobile game that is not without challenge. My advice is not to get discouraged if you can’t get past the first couple of waves. Collect feathers and buy some upgrades, they make a huge difference.


As I mentioned earlier, the music that plays while the game is starting up is somewhat…addicting and catchy. I find myself sitting on the main menu of the game just listening to the music play for a minute or two. This is usually where I space out and amp myself up for the battles yet to come. The music does a good job of helping.

The music during gameplay is not overwhelming and it does a good job of setting the mood. In my opinion the music in Mutant Duck Invasion is a compliment to the game and makes it that much more enjoyable.


While Mutant Duck Invasion is not on par with Destiny 2, the graphics are enjoyable. The ducks are animated and each has its own look and style of flying. If I had to say it reminds me of anything, I would say it reminds me of the old Garfield cartoons. Why? I don’t know, it just does, perhaps it’s the color scheme and the old-school cartoon looking ducks..

I did not notice any lag issues nor any glitches. This also makes the game an overall smooth and enjoyable experience.

Replay Value

Mutant Duck Invasion is a mobile game that gives you plenty of replay value. Let’s face it, we play some mobile games to pass the time. Mutant Duck Invasion is a fun and challenging way of passing time that doesn’t require lots of thinking and puzzle solving. You start up and you shoot ducks, that’s it.

Start up and shoot ducks may sound very simple, yet each wave brings its own challenge. As you progress there are new mutant ducks to add to the difficulty. The downside I can see to this mobile game is the possibility of feeling repetitive. If you geek out on the game for 12 hours for 3 days straight it may get that way fast. If you play casually and have fun with it I think it will take a little while for this one to feel to repetitive.


Mutant Duck Invasion Gameplay Video

I recorded some of my gameplay for you to check out. This will allow you to take a real look at the mobile game Mutant Duck Invasion before you install it. You will also find links to install the app at the bottom of this review.

The gameplay I am showing you is from level 1 and working up. You can see exactly what is like to play this game. You will also see some of the items inside the shop. Keep an eye on the top right of the screen and see how fast and easy you can collect feathers. The developers made this one easy for anyone to get on and do well without dumping a ton of cash into it.



Mutant Duck Invasion is a mobile game I would recommend for anyone who enjoys a quick challenge. If you are looking for a game that is easy to pick up and put down that has plenty of replay value then I encourage you to check it out.

I am not receiving any sort of commission or payment of any kind for this review. I do these reviews to give you guys an idea of what a game is all about before you choose to install it or throw it away.

Mutant Duck Invasion is free for Android and Iphone and you can get it by following the proper link below.

Good Luck and Happy Gaming My Friends!

I am gamer. Gamer is part of my life without it I am nothing. Just here to share latest game codes and hack with you to enjoy.

Cherock Dustin

I am gamer. Gamer is part of my life without it I am nothing. Just here to share latest game codes and hack with you to enjoy.

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