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Evony The Kings Return Review

I recently saw an ad for this game so I decided to check it out. Aside from the kings avatar looking a lot like Robert Downey Jr. I would say this is a cool game. It isn’t perfect, but it is defiantly something I could get into. The game has a bunch of great features that I will discuss in this review.

What is Evony

Evony is a mobile mmorts or strategy game for android and apple devices. It has the usual middle ages setting. But what set the game apart for me right off the start was your beginning choices. You don’t just choose a server and get thrown into the noob hive. You get to decide which culture you want to play. Each culture has is own benefits.

Evony The Kings Return

Evony Cultures include:

  • Europe – Increased March Speed
  • China – Increased Research Speed
  • Japan – Increased EXP from Monsters
  • Korea – Increased Troop Load Capacity
  • America – Increased Building Speed
  • Russia – Increased Troop Defense for City Defense

Each of these cultures has its own advantage. But the really cool thing is that you get to choose. Whats even better is if you change your mind later you can always spend some gems and change your culture.

First Impression

Graphics are a big part of any game. I believe in content and gameplay, but it is always nice to have decent graphics. Believe it or not, I still jump on Everquest sometimes. But back to the point. Evony has some really good intro graphics on the loading screen. The gameplay graphics are quite nice. Inside your city the area is open and spacious, the graphics look good and the music is a nice touch. On the world map the graphics are on par with most other mmorts games today.

It wouldn’t be a Evony The Kings Return review if I didn’t mention anything bad. The UI is a little crowded for my liking. It is a sort of distraction when trying to navigate and learn the game. But the UI is not a deal breaker.

Evony The Kings Return

Evony User Interface

The UI has everything you need in one spot. Everything is lined up vertically on the right side of the screen. The icons are large enough you won’t mix them up with fat finger syndrome. Which is what I can say about the rest of the interactions as well. Everything is easily accessible for touch. There has not been any accidental mixups, which I can appreciate.

Evony Gameplay

For a proper Evony The Kings Return review, I should probably mention something about the gameplay. I just started the game, so I can’t say much about the endgame right now. Starting out though, the game has a quick tutorial to get you on your way.

The tutorial is kind of quick and short lived…at least I thought. I was left to do a few things on my own and then the nice helper lady popped back up on my screen and started giving me her kind advice again. Getting started and continuing through your newbie levels, you will not be left alone. You will learn everything you need to know to get a good start. As I suggest with any mobile game, save your gems!

Building and Recruiting Troops

The building and troop recruiting is very similar to any other mmorts. You spend resources to build structures and recruit troops. To recruit higher level troops you need to have a higher level barracks. In Evony, you are required to build different types of barracks for different types of troops. For instance, if you want archers then you need to build an Archer Camp. A stable will get you some cavalry troops. I don’t disagree with this approach, it adds an extra layer to the game.

Building times are quick in the beginning, and as expected they slow down a bit as you level up. You do get speed ups that you can use to…well…speed things up. I like to save my speeds and gems until later levels though, I am kind of a digital hoarder.

Gathering Resources

I started building a bunch of farms and sawmills right away. As a little bit of time passes, you will see the icon above the structures letting you know  you can collect resources. I thought I had to click each structure to collect my goodies. That is until I saw a little fist above my warehouse. Clicking that fist collects all available resources with one push. That is a great feature, War and Order does something similar by letting you shake your device to gather.

Holy Bonuses!

I turned the game off and about five minutes later I had a notification telling me about all these things that I need to log on and get. I jumped on and saw there was a little cart outside my walls with a free gift. He keeps coming back too. I get resources or crafting materials from him.

I also notice above the chat box there is a little treasure chest. That is a server gift. The server gift comes from people on your server spending money. It rewards everyone on the realm. I think that is a really cool idea and helps those who cannot pay to win have a shot at some nice extras. Way to go Evony!

You also get a leveling pack full of useful items. You can open it each level for your rewards.


I haven’t ventured out to PvP quite yet because nobody else has popped their bubble. But I have done some monster killing, and it is pretty simple. Select your monster and attack. You will get your battle report in  your mail. Something I noticed though is you will see your likelihood of success. That is a nice thing to see.

Final Thoughts

My Evony The Kings Return review, I will continue to play. The game is fun. There seems to be plenty to do but not so much that you have to live on your phone. They sell gem packs, and they are reasonable priced starting at $5.00. But the real value is in the weekly, monthly, and even an annual pack. These packs give you gems every day for the duration of the pack purchased. That is one of my favorite things to purchase in these types of games.

Evony is a winner. I say check it out and give it a real try. The world chat is busy, so there is a social atmosphere. You can even send voice messages through chat. Look me up on there if you play my name is Chundee.

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Leave a comment below and let the community know your thoughts. Give your own Evony The Kings Return review. As always, be safe and happy gaming my friends.

I am gamer. Gamer is part of my life without it I am nothing. Just here to share latest game codes and hack with you to enjoy.

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I am gamer. Gamer is part of my life without it I am nothing. Just here to share latest game codes and hack with you to enjoy.

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