All You Need to Know about Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes

All You Need to Know about Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes

Like all battle royale games, Free Fire offers some in-game rewards to players. These rewards include many new features that you might find exciting. And, there are various ways to claim them, including by using redeem codes. 

Free Fire releases redeem codes for users to unlock rewards every month. And, the latest Free Fire redeems codes for April 2022 were released recently. So, you must hurry up and use your FF redeem code today. These redeem codes always come with an expiration date after all. 

If you have never used one before, you might wonder how a redeem code Free Fire works. In that case, the information given below should be quite helpful. 

Read to know how to use your redeem code for Free Fire to unlock rewards. 

How Do the Redeem Codes Work?

The Free Fire redeem code is not the same throughout all days of the month. Developers update the code every day, and you must use the right one. And, to do that, you must find out the right Free Fire redeem code for your server. 

But, where do you find the right code that you must use? If you are wondering, it is available on the official redemption code website for Free Fire.  

Once you find the right redeem code Free Fire, you must copy it on your device. You can turn it into rewards by copying it on the official reward website for the game. And, that is quite an easy task, as we shall see. 

What is the Validity of a Free Fire Redeem Code?

Many players might wonder about the validity of the redeem codes. If you are wondering the same, they remain valid for only 24 hours. So, you have an entire day to redeem your rewards using the 12-digit unique code. Once the code expires, you need to find the code for the next day. 

As mentioned earlier, you can visit the official redeem code website to copy the new code. You can also search for FF redeem code today on your browser for this information. 

How to Find and Use the Free Fire Redeem Code for Your Server?

If you are wondering, you do not have to launch the game to use the code. Instead, you can find and use the redeem code Free Fire on the reward website. 

So, open any browser and go to Then, proceed with the following steps to complete the code redemption:- 

Log in with the Linked Account

You need to log into the linked account to continue to the Free Fire reward website. Here are the login options that you have right now: 

Facebook Login

Many Free Fire players link their Facebook accounts to the game. If you have done the same, you must enter your Facebook credentials to continue. 

But, what if you have forgotten your Facebook password? In that case, you must change the password with the “forgotten password” option on the platform. Then, set a new password and use it to access the Free Fire reward website. 

Google Login

You can also use the linked Google account to access the Free Fire redeem code. This is yet another common method that a significant number of players use. But, there are several other methods if you are looking for one. Regardless of the login method, you must try to use your FF redeem code today. 

Apple Login

Have you linked your Apple ID to Garena Free Fire? Then, you must click on the Apple logo on the reward website to log in. Entering your Apple ID credentials will take you to the redeem code Free Fire that you must use. Then, you must proceed with the next step to copy the code and unlock the reward. 

VK Login

You can also use your VK account to access the Free Fire reward website. But you must link your VK ID to the game first if you have not already. Click on the VK icon on the website and enter your account credentials. This should bring up the redeem code on your screen. 

Twitter Login

If you do not know, you can also link your Twitter account to Free Fire. You can also log into the Free Fire redeem code website using this account. Click on the Twitter logo if you want to use this account. Then, enter your username and password to accomplish the login. 

Huawei Login

The Huawei login is another option for opening the redeem code Free Fire website. So, you can use it to get your FF redeem code today as well. As in the case of other accounts, you must link the Huawei account to the game to do this. 

Provide your credentials to continue to the redeem code page on the website. Then, proceed with the next step to use your redeem code Free Fire. 

Can You Log in as a Guest?

Many players might not have linked any of the aforementioned accounts to their Free Fire profile. If you have done the same, you can keep playing the game as a Guest. 

But, you need one of the aforementioned accounts linked to your profile to get Free fire redeem codes. So, in case you were wondering, guest players cannot use the FF redeem code today. 

But, you would still want to unlock new features as a guest player. In that case, you must consider linking your social media account to your Free Fire profile. There is no other way to unlock rewards with redeem codes, after all. 

Copy the Valid Redeem Code

As mentioned earlier, logging in will lead you to a valid redeem code right away. Highlight this code and copy it to your device’s clipboard. Then, look for the text box asking you to enter the code. 

Click on the empty box and opt for pasting the copied code there. You should then see a dialogue box on your screen. Go through it and click on OK once you are ready. This will apply the redeem code Free Fire to your account and unlock the gifts. 

Check the Gift On Your Account

Using the FF redeem code today would hopefully unlock a feature that you like. There are various gifts that the developers will offer you in April 2022. And, there is a limit to the code redemptions that they can accept. So, you must make sure to use the redeem code without any unnecessary delays. 

As for the reward you received, you can view it on the reward website. You can also launch the game to try out the new feature you have unlocked. 

But, what if you have failed to get any rewards with the redeem code Free Fire? In such cases, you can usually fix that with some simple solutions, as we shall see. 

Why Cannot You Use the Free Fire Redeem Code & How to Fix that?

Do you repeatedly fail to use Free Fire’s redeem code to unlock rewards? Then, there might be various possible causes for that. And, you might have to try out various fixes depending on the cause. 

Here are some possible causes for redeem code Free Fire errors and their solutions: 

The Redeem Code is Invalid

An invalid redeem code is one of the most probable reasons for failure to unlock rewards. So, you must make sure that the one you are using has 12 digits. If it does not, then that explains the problem in your case. You need to find and use the valid FF redeem code today. 

You might have failed to copy all of the digits of the code. Also, you might enter the wrong digit in some cases and cause award unlocking failure. You can easily fix the issue in such situations. But, if the issue persists, the problem might be more complicated. 

The Redeem Code has Expired

As we have seen, the redeem cards have a validity of 24 hours. So, you must use your FF redeem card today by all means. Otherwise, you cannot use it to unlock gifts the next day. 

Once that happens, you would need to get a new redeem code. And, you must make sure to use a valid one in such situations. 

You might sometimes find that the problem persists after dealing with an expired code. In such cases, you can try out some more possible fixes to resolve the issue. 

You have Already Redeemed the Code

Do you see a message on your screen that says the code is invalid or redeemed? Apart from checking whether it is invalid, you must also check whether you have redeemed it. 

After all, that is one of the common causes of the redeem code error. Launch the game and check for any new features you have unlocked. 

Do you find any new rewards in the game? If yes, then that explains the error message you saw. But, what if you have not received any rewards? In that case, you must check whether you have used the right code for your server. 

Get the Valid Code for Your Server

Like other battle royale games, Free Fire features multiple servers as well. These are divided based on regions, such as North America, Europe, etc. As you know, you can play on any server you prefer. However, you cannot use a redeem code meant for a server other than yours. 

So, how do you determine which code you must use? In case you are wondering, it depends on your location. A player from Europe must use a redeem code for the European server and so on. 

You might have copied a redeem code for another server and pasted it on the text box. As a result, you repeatedly get an error message while trying to unlock the reward. 

This issue might happen quite often when you visit third-party websites to know the code. You can find the right code by visiting the Free Fire rewards website, as mentioned earlier. So, go to the official website and copy the code you find there.

You are Playing as a Guest

Are you using a Guest account to play Free Fire? If yes, you would miss out on the rewards you can get through redeem codes. After all, you need to link a social media or email account to access the reward website. As we have seen, you can also use your Apple or Huawei accounts. 

Binding your account to the game profile is quite an easy task. Launch Free Fire on your device and log into the Guest account. Then, click on the gear icon at the top-right corner and open the Basic tab. You will find the option to link various accounts to your profile there.  

Select the account you want to use among them and provide the credentials. Then, use that account to access the Free Fire restart website. Copy and use the FF redeem code today as soon as possible. 

The In-Game Mailbox is Full

Do you redeem the code and yet see no rewards? Then, you might need not worry as the problem often has something to do with your mailbox. Launch Free Fire and navigate to the mailbox on your profile. 

Do you find too many messages and rewards in the inbox? Then, clear all of them and wait for some time to receive the reward. 

Does the notification regarding the reward fail to arrive? Then, you must reach out to customer support right away for a solution. 

Keep Checking for Redeem Codes

You must look out for further redeem codes after using the ones for this month. As we have seen, the developers release them every month to offer you new features. 

Also, you need not rely on third-party websites to know about upcoming redeem codes. You must visit the previously-mentioned official Free Fire reward website for that purpose. 

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